Javo BV to Bulb Trade Park

Plans for the relocation of Javo, Agro Techniek Holland, Javo International and Nobels were finalised last week with an agreement to move to the Bulb Trade Park in Noordwijkerhout NL. The new establishment covering 3,7ha is projected to be ready mid-2017. The current Javo building will be demolished in favour of open bulb cultivation.

Bulb Trade Park

Bulb Trade Park is a new agricultural business location in Noordwijkerhout (NL) aiming to attract modern, internationally oriented companies and industrial businesses in the Greenport Dutch Bulb Region.

Back to the roots in Noordwijkerhout

After 30 years, Nobels machine factory will return to its roots in Noordwijkerhout, the new location being only 500 meters away from where Nobels first started started 60 years ago.

Arnold van Nobelen founded Nobels machine factory in December 1955, and the company has seen almost continuous growth since then. To begin with Nobels produced its own bulbs harvesters and planters, but started to produce the first machines for Javo in 1966. The cooperation with Javo ensured an even faster growth. Currently, Nobels develops and produces its own machines plus all Javo machines for the worldwide horticultural and arboriculture sector. Javo potting machines, tray automation, soil handling, transport and robot systems are sold in over 60 countries.

Nobels relocated within Noordwijkerhout several times and moved to Katwijk in 1985. Collaboration with Javo strengthened, with Nobels taking over Javo in 2000. This takeover meant that the two companies were merging into one but were still at two different locations.

After Nobels took over Agro Techniek Holland in 2014 and founded Javo International in that same year, the wish to accommodate the four companies at one location became stronger and with the opportunity to relocate to the Bulb Trade Park that is now going to happen.

Ber van Nobelen, current owner of Nobels machine factory, Javo, Agro Techniek Holland and Javo International, expects to move the four companies to the Bulb Trade Park mid-2017. With the modern and latest production technologies, the four companies are looking forward and will be ready to take full advantage of opportunities for future growth. 



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