Russo hits 5-year mark with Javo USA


Senior Sales Manager Lorenzo Russo celebrated 5 years with Javo USA on April 1, 2017 as Javo USA and Javo B.V. staff congratulated the industry veteran. Russo joined Javo USA in 2012 and quickly developed the technical knowledge to match his strong sales and customer service instincts.

“Lorenzo loves to spend time in the warehouse, learning everything he can about Javo potting machines and robots. He does a great job understanding how our machines work and using that knowledge to help our customers,” said 35-year veteran technician Keith Allen. “He’ll grab a wrench and get his hands dirty.’

Javo USA General Manager Michiel van der Waal also praised his salesman. “He works very hard, whether it is on the phone with customers, traveling to meet them, working a trade show or simply unloading a truck,” van der Waal said. “We appreciate Lorenzo’s hard work and his great attitude. I hope we are someday celebrating his 20th anniversary with Javo USA!”

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