Potting machines

The right solution to pot and re-pot all kinds of potting plants and trees.

Javo delivers equipment tailored to specifications by means of optional modules. This way Javo BV can offer the potting machine which fits your wishes and needs.

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Javo Standard 2.0

A mature, fully optimized potting machine, suitable for nearly all pots from 6 up to 28 cm. Because of the unique drive technique, the pots move calmly and steady on the pot track and the stop time of the pot is extended, which gives peace in the work process.

Javo Ecobasic

This small, strong potting machine is a workhorse suitable for pots from 8-21cm. The fast, easy central adjustment allows for quick, perfect changes between pot sizes. The Ecobasic is technically advanced and extremely mobile, allowing for easy relocation.

Javo Plus

This round-track potting machine is the most compact in the Plus series and is suitable for pots from 9-23 cm. The fast, easy central adjustment allows growers to quickly switch between pot sizes, saving time and money. With a gear drive pot track and belt-driven elevator, the Plus series is quiet and extremely low-maintenance.

Javo Plus M2.0

Javo’s most advanced machine, the Plus M 2.0 is suitable for 10-32 cm (12 liter) pots. A versatile workhorse, this machine can fill and drill for potted plants, is a champion with bare root stock and large enough to handle a variety of greenhouse and nursery challenges. Like the other members of the Plus family, the Plus M 2.0 uses a fast, easy central adjustment for quick changes between pot sizes, saving time and money.

Javo Plus X

The largest of the Plus series, suitable for potting large and heavy pots from 19-38cm. The electronic adjustment of the speed of the soil supply allows for a very precise distribution which benefits the planting.

Javo Super

This solid universal potting machine processes pots from 5,5 - 24 cm, optionally even up to 30 cm. By applying a unique soil elevating system, this machine is technically unsurpassed and user-friendly. This provides a high level of assurance in productivity.

Javo Super Mega

With the Javo Super as base, this potting machine provides an even larger working area at the pot track. The Super Mega provides an extra 26" (650mm) working area which is height-adjustable, making it ideal for large and high pots. Suitable for 5,5 - 24 cm pots, optional < 30 cm.

Javo Unimax

Filling large pots, containers or bags is no problem for the Javo Unimax. Because of the unrestricted flow of the soil in the pot or poly bag, it handles either small or large root systems.

Javo Unimax XXL

XXL means more. The machine is built on a Javo Unimax base, which is extended. It uses an automated adjustable filling program to set a working pace. This user-friendly machine fills large pots up to 100 litres.

Javo Easytopper

The Easytopper delivers a cover layer to the top of the pot to prevent weed development and retain moisture – saving money for nurseries and greenhouses. The Easytopper is suitable for round or square pots and pot sizes can be changed quickly and easily with a single adjustment.

Javo Shower

Javo offers a number of systems to provide optimal, automated watering of pots and trays through a balanced spraying technique.


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