Javo Linea Recta

Javo adds the “Linea-Recta” to the two existing types of robots. The conventional robot has been produced for over 20-years and the Javo “Compact” was introduced in 2006.

Proven and new linear techniques

The Linea Recta moves potted plants with precision and speed. This new generation of robots has been skilfully designed to deliver the maximum return on your investment. Quality, stability, sustainability and reliability are words that fit the Javo Linea Recta. This linear robot is very flexible and equipped and equipped with industrial techniques. The simple, user-friendly operation is a big advantage for the customer. 


Sturdy horizontal and vertical guide systems allow for excellent accuracy in placing and pick up. A combination of the X and Y shaft drives allows for a fluid fork motion and guarantees superior capacity. A 10" colour touch screen allows for monitoring all of the available functions. The robot is never down for a significant amount of time, because the touch screen keeps the operator informed at all times. The Javo Linea Recta offers more possibilities in its motions and patterns. The robot calculates and visualizes the possible patterns after the requirements have been inserted by its user.


  • Colour touch screen
  • Industrial servo drives
  • New, linear technology
  • Excellent accuracy in placing and picking up
  • Very high capacity possible
  • Expertly designed and user-friendly technology

Available options

  • Wireless communication via a VPN hook up
  • Automatic fork-switch system
  • Suitable to place pots in trays

Technical details

Suitable for:round pots
Capacity:up to 900 strokes per hour (depending on machine configuration, pot and soil)
Length:1.875 m
Voltage:400V 50Hz 3~ +N +PE / 480V 60Hz 3~ +PE
Power connection:16A, 5 pins CEE plug



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