Javo JAR

Combined with a Javo Buffer, this unique and patented take-off system easily moves round pots from the buffer belt to the take-off belt. The take-off motion has an electric speed control and is both quiet and durable.

Patent: EU1024838

With the Javo JAR, it is possible to work with a very high capacity up to 350 movements per hour, depending on pot size and stability.

The speed of the take-off motion is electronically adjustable (PLC), very reliable and noise friendly.

The Javo JAR comes standard with a take-off belt and is adjusted for one take away direction.

The solid, heavy duty system allows an easy operation, also when working with large pots.

Technical details

Suitable for:round pots
Capacity:max. 250 strokes per hour (depending on machine configuration, pot and soil)
Length:2.200 mm
Voltage:400V 50Hz 3~ +N +PE / 220V 60Hz 3~ +PE
Power connection:16A, 5 pins CEE plug



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