Tray automation

A complete program for a wide variety of tray sizes.

Because of our many years of experience, Javo can offer a complete package, which is the perfect solution for many growers.

By combining individually designed modules, virtually any layout is possible. From a simple tray filler to a complete automated filling line. Because of close cooperation with tray and pot manufacturers, we can guarantee proper functioning.

The machines can be easily combined with each other to compromise a fully integrated line. This offers a complete automation of dispensing, filling, dibbling and watering of trays.

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Javo Excellent

A perfect solution for automatic dispensing of a variety of trays. Innovative techniques guarantee a quiet and smooth operation. The machine is virtually soundless and the standard protection shields guarantee maximum safety.

Javo Pita

Javo offers the solution for placing empty pots into trays. This automation saves a lot of labor and can be applied in different circumstances.

Javo Rotofill

The top of the world in tray fill machines. The Javo Rotofill is a very reliable tray filling machine. Right where the quality of filling is of high importance, the Rotofill offers the required results. Plug trays and multi cell trays can also be filled effortlessly.

Javo Dibble

The Javo Dibble not only allows for easier planting, but also positively contributes to the quality of the crop. Always pressed in the center and to the correct depth.

Javo Shower

The Javo Shower provides optimal moisturizing of trays or pots by means of a well-balanced spraying and conveying technique. Completely assembled from stainless steel.

Javo Clean

The Javo Clean is a maintenance free, simple to use machine suitable for virtually all kinds and sizes of trays.


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