Javo Rotofill

The top of the world in tray fill machines. The Javo Rotofill is a very reliable tray filling machine. Right where the quality of filling is of high importance, the Rotofill offers the required results. Plug trays and multi cell trays can also be filled effortlessly.

100% fill quality for trays up to 435mm wide

This extremely reliable and unique tray filling machine processes various types of trays, including plug trays and multi-cell trays.

The unique filling principle ensures homogeneity and the correct compaction of the substrate across the entire tray. The machine is highly manoeuvrable and easy to move. A link to other automation systems facilitates a fully automated line from un-stacking up to and including watering.

How does the machine work?

The soil belt with wire guides is speed adjustable and carries the soil to the elevator which then brings the soil to a soil distribution rotor.

The height of the soil distribution rotor above the tray and lifting unit underneath the feed belt is adjustable to allow accurate setting of the compaction and perfect filling of the entire tray. The filled trays are finished by a brush unit that is height adjustable. The soil that is brushed off falls back into the hopper via an advanced return system. A conveyor belt carries the filled trays onwards at an adjustable speed.


  • Easily adjustable for various tray heights and widths
  • The trays can move both left and right (ex-factory setting)
  • No compressed air required
  • Easy to connect to other systems
  • Adjustable speed feed belt
  • Left or right design (ex-factory)
  • The 4 wheels, 2 of which are swivel wheels with brake, make it highly manoeuvrable
  • Unique filling system to fill every tray perfectly
  • Very clean due to soil-return system

Available options

  • Tray side guide
  • Soil bin extension for an additional 750 litre capacity
  • Small tray processing
  • Suitable for processing strawberry trays (highly compact filling)
  • Fully integrated tray line for totally automatic processing from un-stacking to watering
  • Multiple electrical options

Technical details

Suitable for:pot trays, bedding trays, multi-trays, strawberry trays
Sizes:up to 435mm wide, height 30 - 140mm
Capacity:113 - 563 mpu, up to 900 trays per hour (depending on machine configuration, tray and soil)
Soil bin capacity:845 litre
Weight:700 kg
Voltage:400V 50Hz 3~ +N +PE / 220V 60Hz 3~ +PE
Power connection:16A, 5 pins CEE plug



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