Javo was founded in December 1947. The name JAVO is an abbreviation derived from the name of the founder: Jacobus Andreas Vonk.

Javo was a Limited Liability Company until 1972, but in December of that year it became a private company. Although involved in other business pursuits, Javo was originally an export company dealing mainly in the exportation of fruits and vegetables.

In 1966 Javo moved to Noordwijkerhout where it first settled in the Zeestraat; the following year, Javo produced its first machines. At this time the company becomes listed as a wholesale company, also involved in the import and export of horticultural machines. Because of its continued growth, Javo moved two more times within Noordwijkerhout before finally settling at the Westeinde.

Currently Javo is the market leader in the area of potting and re-potting machines, robotic systems, and pot handling automation for the production and handling of potted plants, bedding plants and nursery stock.



Javo BV
Bulb Trade Park 1
2211 SW Noordwijkerhout
T +31 (0)252 343 121
E sales@javo.eu