Javo applications

Javo is a specialist and market leader in potting machines, tray line automation and soil systems, but also offers other solutions
For the automation of your production process.

Potting machines

The right solution for potting all potted plants and trees.
Javo provides customization through the optional modules. In this way, we can offer a potting machine that closely matches your needs and requirements.

Tray automation

A complete program for a wide variety of tray sizes. Through years of experience and a complete supply package, Javo has been able to offer many growers a ready-made solution.

By developing a module for each operation, all conceivable setups are possible. In close consultation with tray and pot manufacturers, we can guarantee proper operation.

Soil Systems

Various choices and options for soil and other substrate supply.

Javo offers several systems for the supply of substrate to. The choices and possibilities can be made by our soil systems are completed flawlessly.

Transport systems

Automated solution for transporting pots and trays.

The systems are built from a variety of standard, proven products. Varying sizes offer a suitable solution for any setup. The functionality is built entirely client-specific. Everything is flexible, problem-free connection to other systems.

Robot Systems

Various systems for automatic potting and tray handling.

The systems provide an automated solution for buffering, picking up and putting down pots and trays. Thorough developments for maximum efficiency.

Customized solution

A complete program for the most diverse
tray sizes. Javo has, through years of experience and a
complete supply package, many growers a ready-made
solution can provide.