Potting machines

Javo Ecobasic

Discover the most compact potting machine with a round potting track. The Javo Ecobasic is suitable for pots from 8 to 21cm and optionally even from 5.5cm. Supplied complete as standard and highly mobile. Because of its simple and central adjustment options, the Javo Ecobasic is the ideal machine for working with different pot sizes.

Javo Plus

This round potting machine is the most compact in its series, suitable for 9-23cm pots. The electronically adjustable speed offers a great advantage when using multiple pot sizes. The machines in the Plus Series are low-noise and low-maintenance.

Javo Plus M2.0

The latest machine within the Plus Series, for 10-32cm (12 liter) pots. This potting machine can be used for filling pots, plants with loose root systems and offers several other possibilities. Changing pot sizes very quickly.

Javo Plus X

The largest within the Plus series, especially suitable for potting large and heavy pots from 19-38cm. An electronically adjustable soil feeder allows very precise adjustment. Something that benefits the potting quality.

Javo Standard 2.0

A mature, fully optimized potting machine suitable for virtually all pots from 6 to 28 cm. Due to the unique drive technology the pots move quietly and shock-free on the pot conveyor and the stopping moment of the pot is longer, this gives calmness in the working process.

Javo Super

This solid universal potting machine handles pots from 5.5 to 24 cm (optional < 30 cm). By using a unique soil lifting system, the Super is technically unmatched and friendly to use. This ensures a high degree of operational reliability.

Javo Super Mega

With the Javo Super as its base, this potting machine offers even more working space at the potting line. With the 650 mm extra generous working space and adjustable working height, this potting machine is ideal for large and tall pots. Suitable for pots from 5.5 to 24 cm (optional < 30 cm).

Javo Easytopper

The machine sprinkles a covering layer (bark) on the top of the pot to prevent the growth of moss or weeds. The Easytopper is suitable for round and square pots and can be quickly converted to other pot sizes via a simple adjustment.

Javo Unimax

Filling large jars and containers is no problem with this filling machine. Due to the free fall of soil in the pot or bag, plants with both small and large root systems can be handled.

Javo Unimax XXL

XXL stands for more. With the Javo Unimax as its base, combined with the accurate soil dosing unit and additional filling line, this machine is specially designed for filling large and heavy pots up to 100 liters.

Javo Shower

Javo offers several options for optimal wetting of pots and trays. This uses a balanced spraying and pass-through technique. The maintenance-free conveyor belt can recirculate the water.