Soil systems

Javo Big Bale

An electrically driven tilting system, suitable for a smooth tilting of substrate from a Big Bale. ts automatic dispensing system delivers the substrate effciently and worry-free. It is suitable for all standard Big Bales.

Javo Big Filler

This mobile soil storage bunker provides a flexible solution for buffering and precise dosing and boosting of substrate. The Big Filler is very user-friendly and suitable for a wide variety of substrates.

Javo Big Belt

The solution with a large variable storage capacity to accurately dose various substrates. The robust, completely self-supporting construction is delivered completely ready to operate. The smooth inner wall prevents hooks from substrate and contamination.

Javo Toploader

For over 10 years a unique solution for buffering and processing loose substrate, wood chips and other (waste) bulk material. A fork combined with a patented scraping system guarantees excellent operation and minimal maintenance costs.

Javo Mixer

This machine offers the ability to accurately mix a small amount of substrate and can process about 1.5m³ of soil in 2 to 4 minutes. It is suitable for all soil types and can be filled from both the top and back.