Transport systems

Javo PPU 2.0

The solution for automatically placing round and square pots on trailers. Ideal for bridging larger distances in your nursery. This compact and accurate pusher takes human operation out of your hands.

Javo Buffer

Buffering and sorting of pots and trays is effortless through this system. The system offers very high flexibility through the combination of modules. In combination with the Javo JOR (over push robot) and Javo JAR (take down robot), the Javo Buffer can be further automated.

Javo JAR

When combined with the Javo Buffer Belt, this patented take-off robot easily moves round pots from the buffer system to a take-off belt. The take-off motion is infinitely electronically adjustable in speed via PLC, very durable and quiet.

Javo JOR

A standardized solution to quickly and efficiently transfer both pots and trays to a Javo Buffer. Through a selection menu on the touch screen, there are many options regarding buffer patterns and enabling/disabling additional functionalities.

Javo Conveyor Belt

The conveyors are light, but very strong, due to a specially developed frame. Various designs and sizes are available. The entire belt is supported so that even with heavy pots, it allows for very quiet transport.

Javo Main Conveyor

This low-noise and low-maintenance conveyor is specially designed for bridging long distances. Each component is selected to function stably and regularly. Production is completely customized to the customer specific requirements.

Javo Sorting System

Combined with a balanced software, conveyors are used as a plant-buffer system. Sorting by size and/or color ensures a quick and efficient delivery process. Various sizes and customer specific setups available.