Tray automations

Javo Excellent

A suitable solution for automatic de-stacking of different types of trays. Innovative technology guarantees a quiet shock-free stroke. The machine is low-noise and guaranteed maximum safety by standard safety screens.

Javo Pita

This labor-saving machine automatically places empty jars into a tray. During the development of the Javo Pita, adjustment options were taken into account so that different tray sizes can be processed on the same line.

Javo Rotofill

A highly reliable tray filling machine, for 100% filling quality of trays up to 43.5cm wide. Plug trays and multicell trays are also filled effortlessly. The triple unit above and below the tray ensures homogeneity and proper compaction of the soil.

Javo Dibble

A very user-friendly machine for pressing holes in the substrate in trays. The Javo Dibble makes stabbing cuttings easier and contributes to crop quality. The machine guarantees accurate and dimensionally stable holes.

Javo Shower

Javo offers several options for optimal wetting of pots and trays. This uses a balanced spraying and pass-through technique.

Javo Clean

Maintenance-free and easy-to-operate machine for rinsing trays. The trays are automatically placed on a specially profiled conveyor belt, with a motor adjustable in speed. The Javo Clean is suitable for almost all types and sizes of trays.