3 new developments on IPM

This year, Javo is introducing three new machines at IPM, at booth 3D43. Two of them can be ordered immediately, while the third is a prototype to be released during 2017.

Javo Standard 2.0 potting machine

Javo introduces the completely redesigned Javo Standard 2.0 potting machine at IPM. Its predecessor, the Javo Standard, has more than proven itself over the past 50 years. We have combined this five decades of experience in this new type, preparing the potting machine for the future. The Javo Standard 2.0 is completely adjustable to the customer’s needs: From the quiet soil supply to the all-new pot discharge, everything is infinitely adjustable.

The fully modified pot conveyor drive moves the pots shock-free through the machine, while the extended pot stop moment provides even more peace of mind in the work process. An automatic tensioning system keeps the pot conveyor chain at the correct tension at all times. And because the adjustable control panel is now positioned above the pot conveyor, a generous working space at the machine has also been created.

In extended versions, the Javo Standard 2.0 is easily coupled to a transplanter, achieving up to 8,000 pots per hour, at 1 plant per pot. For optimal cooperation and speed, the controls of both systems are in contact with each other. The combined version can be seen at TTA’s booth (hall GA, booth 10)

Javo PPU 2.0 pot overduster:

The compact and accurate Javo PPU 2.0 automatically places pots or trays on a transport cart. This method is ideal for covering large distances in the nursery. The controlled overdubbing motion keeps the pots upright, preventing crops from becoming intertwined. This also makes it suitable for large and top-heavy plants. The 50 program options, which can be called up easily and clearly via a touch screen, make the machine extremely user-friendly.

Javo Ultra potting machine

This new type of potting machine should handle very large pots up to 55 cm and drill holes up to 300 mm. The machine is currently undergoing extensive testing and we are happy to show images of it at the booth. During 2017, the Javo Ultra will hit the market.