50 years of Javo innovation

Quality, innovative and easy to use, are the hallmarks of all Javo machines and systems. 50 years ago, the first Javo potting machine was designed. Since then, Javo has been the standard in horticultural automation for generations.

The first Javo prototype

In 1969, Arnold van Nobelen, the founder of Nobels, designed the first potting machine for Javo. This new type of machine is equipped with -in his view, logically- a conveyor belt and elevator, to transport the soil to the pots. The first prototype of the Javo Standard is soon being tested at a nearby nursery. He is immediately excited and buys the first model.

Developments and investments

From the beginning, Javo has continuously invested in new products and the further development of existing ones. The company employs a large number of professionals, such as (sales) engineers and mechanics. “Our customers’ processes are becoming more complex and demanding. We continuously adapt our machines to this. Simple to use, but with a well thought-out basis that will last for years, that is what Javo stands for,” explains Koos de Vink (Managing Director Nobels Group).