First pile driven for new Javo location

For Jano Holding’s new complex, “the first pile” was officially struck Friday, March 3, at the Bulb Trade Park on the Herenweg in Noordwijkerhout. Jano Holding consists of Nobels machine factory of Katwijk and Javo, Agro Techniek Holland and Javo International of Noordwijkerhout. They will be located on a 3.7-acre lot centrally housed in two state-of-the art business premises. New construction began in February and completion is expected in the fourth quarter of 2017.

The new location will provide sufficient opportunities for expansion to accommodate the future growth of Jano Holding. One of the new buildings will house Javo, Javo International and Nobels machine factory. This building consists of 13,500 m2 of industrial space for machine production and 1,600 m2 of office and showroom. The other building is for Agro Techniek Holland, and consists of 3,000 m2 of industrial hall for manufacturing and overhauling agricultural and horticultural machinery and 500 m2 of office and showroom.

The ceremony was performed by the father of current owner Ber van Nobelen, namely founder Arnold van Nobelen. Arnold van Nobelen is the man who started the company more than 60 years ago on the Herenweg in Noordwijkerhout. In 1986, they moved to a larger location at ‘t Heen in Katwijk. Nobels now returns from Katwijk to its roots in Noordwijkerhout, a few hundred meters away from its original location.

“Surely that is a very special feeling” indicated director Ber van Nobelen in his speech. Noordwijkerhout alderman Martijn Bilars warmly welcomed the company back to the heart of the Bulb Region. “Noordwijkerhout should be proud of such a wonderful beautiful company with many jobs which will be located within our municipal borders.”