Heembouw constructs new business premises Jano Holding

Jano Holding, consisting of the companies Javo, Agro Techniek Holland, Javo International and Nobels machine factory, and Heembouw have signed the agreement for the turnkey realization of the new business premises for Jano Holding at the Bulb Trade Park in Noordwijkerhout. On a 3.7-hectare plot on Herenweg, Jano Holding’s companies, now located at three different sites in Katwijk and Noordwijkerhout, will be centrally housed in two state-of-the art business premises designed by Habeon Architects.

One of the new buildings will house Javo, Javo International and Nobels machine factory. This building consists of 13,500 m2 of industrial space for machine production and 1,600 m2 of office and showroom. The other building is for Agro Techniek Holland, and consists of 3,000 m2 of industrial hall for manufacturing and overhauling agricultural and horticultural machinery and 500 m2 of office and showroom. The location at Herenweg in Noordwijkerhout still offers sufficient opportunities for expansion to accommodate the future growth of Jano Holding.

The building permit has now been submitted. Heembouw will start the construction of the new business premises in February. Completion is in the fourth quarter of 2017.

About the Jano Holding

The Jano Holding consists of Nobels Machinefabriek, Javo BV, Javo International BV and Agro Techniek Holland BV, which work closely together. The combination of these companies makes it possible to produce and deliver the most innovative solutions for automation in agricultural, horticultural and industrial markets.