Holimeca official Javo dealer in France

Horticulture continues to change and the need for automation is growing. Javo anticipates and ensures that the demand for automation is met in the best possible way. We are therefore very pleased with the recent collaboration with Holimeca. The young company was founded in October 2023, but its collaboration with Philippe Greau, its founder, goes back years. He and Javo’s Sales Manager Jeffrey Benne, highlight the importance of this partnership and what it means for the future of the Javo brand in France.

Holimeca’s roots may be recent, but its ties to Javo are deep. Philippe Gréau expresses his confidence in the collaboration, “Knowing the Javo company, its team and its professionalism, I look forward to our collaboration with full confidence.”

The reason for this partnership

What convinced Holimeca to partner with Javo? According to Philippe Gréau, it is a combination of trust and recognition. Javo’s worldwide reputation for robust, easy-to-operate and reliable machines fits perfectly with Holimeca’s vision. Philippe Greau is confident that Javo’s products will contribute to Holimeca’s success. The diversity in Javo machines meets the broad needs of horticultural customers.

The future in automation

As automation in horticulture continues to change, Jeffrey Benne sees a future in which Javo and Holimeca play a central role in helping French customers automate their production processes. “Our common goal is clear: to save time, labor and money for our customers.”

The cooperation between Holimeca and Javo represents not only a collaboration between the two companies, but a shared ambition for innovation, efficiency and customer satisfaction in the dynamic world of horticultural automation. Customers can continue to rely on Javo’s efficient machines, combined with Holimeca’s dedicated service in France.

Javo Dealer