Javo to Bulb Trade Park

The four companies Javo, Agro Techniek Holland, Javo International and Nobels Machinefabriek are going to establish themselves at Bulb Trade Park in Noordwijkerhout. Before that, in the presence of Alderman mr. J.C.F. Knapp entered into a purchase agreement with Greenport Development Company. The new business site will be developed on more than 3.7 hectares and should be completed by mid-2017. It was also agreed that Javo’s current building on Westeinde will be demolished in favor of open bulb-growing landscape.

Onno Zwart, director of Greenport Development Company and developer of Bulb Trade Park, is pleased with this transaction. “The arrival of these four prominent companies and the investments they are going to make confirm the economic strength of the Greenport and the design and appeal of Bulb Trade Park which is being developed specifically for the benefit of agricultural trade and export companies and agricultural auxiliary and ancillary companies belonging to our Greenport. Moreover, we were also able to achieve that the current Javo premises at Westeinde will disappear and that more than 1 ha of open bulb-growing landscape will be created here again. This fits entirely within the objectives of the Intermunicipal Structural Vision”.

Ber van Nobelen, the current owner of Nobels Machinefabriek, Javo, Agro Techniek Holland and Javo International, expects to occupy the new premises at Bulb Trade Park in mid-2017. Here, through new and modern production techniques, the four companies together will be ready for the future.

Impulse for employment

The new business establishments and investments at Bulb Trade Park provide a significant boost to employment. Earlier, two other companies already settled in this new agricultural business park.

Bulb Trade Park

Bulb Trade Park is a new agricultural business park for modern, internationally operating trade and export companies and auxiliary and ancillary businesses in the Greenport Dune and Flowerbulb Region. The park is being developed in cooperation with Greenport Development Corporation to increase the vitality of the bulb complex by providing expansion and establishment opportunities for Greenport-related businesses. Bulb Trade Park is located on the N206 provincial road in Noordwijkerhout.

Back to Noordwijkerhout

With the purchase of the building lot at Bulb Trade Park, Nobels Machinefabriek BV is moving back to Noordwijkerhout after 30 years. Indeed, Nobels is moving back to the Herenweg, 500 meters from where the company began 60 years ago.

Since Arnold van Nobelen, pioneer in the field of mechanization in the bulb-growing region, founded Nobels Machinefabriek in December 1955, the company has experienced steady growth over the years. In the early years, Van Nobelen was fully engaged in the development and production of lifting and planting machines for the flower bulb industry, until in 1966 the cooperation with Javo began for the production of lettuce planters and not much later potting machines. This made for even faster growth. Meanwhile, Nobels develops and manufactures all Javo machines for the global greenhouse and arboriculture sectors completely in-house. Javo potting machines, tray automation, ground systems, transport and robotic systems can be found in more than 60 countries.

After several relocations within Noordwijkerhout, from Herenweg to Gooweg and Westeinde, Nobels Machinefabriek settled on the ‘t Heen industrial estate in Katwijk in 1985. At that time, Javo moved to Nobels’ old premises on Westeinde in Noordwijkerhout.

The cooperation between Nobels Machinefabriek and Javo developed further, until Nobels acquired Javo in 2000. With this acquisition, the two companies grew increasingly into one company, but in two different locations. When in 2014 Agro Techniek Holland BV is also acquired and Javo International BV is founded, the desire grows to bring the four companies together in one location. And that is now a fact.