New location for Javo

As of January 1, 2018, Javo is officially located at its new location at the Bulb Trade Park in Noordwijkerhout. Javo is part of the Nobels Group, formerly Jano Holding. The Nobels Group also includes Nobels, Agro Techniek and Javo International. The two new premises offer many opportunities for expansion to accommodate the current and future growth of the Nobels Group.

One of the new buildings houses Javo, Nobels, and Javo International. This building consists of 13,500 m2 of industrial space for machine production and 1,600 m2 of office and showroom. The other building is for Agro Techniek and consists of 3,000 m2 of industrial hall for manufacturing and overhauling agricultural and horticultural machinery and 500 m2 of office and showroom.

The move and the successful years of continuous development were also the same time to give Javo and the Nobels Group a new look. “The new logos for the group and the brands have a contemporary and powerful look. Giving the companies the same look and feel provides synergy. Together with the new location, we show that we are ready for the future to continue to grow. We want to ensure that future generations are also assured of the best technological solutions in their industry,” indicates managing director Koos de Vink.

At horticultural trade fair IPM in Essen, the booth will feature a completely new look with the logos. The corporate identity will be proudly presented. Of course, an official opening of the new location will follow. Open Days for clients, associates and family will also take place mid-year.