Nobels: from pioneer to global player

There must be an easier way, Arnold van Nobelen, son of a grower on the Herenweg in Noordwijkerhout, thought more than sixty years ago when he saw his father with rags kneeling around his legs lifting bulbs. He turned to drawing and designed the very first harvester. A demonstration of the device before a bevy of curious bulb growers yielded sixty orders at a time. Van Nobelen had them all pay a deposit and invest e that amount in machinery to produce his invention. More than half a century later, Nobels – in Noordwijkerhout they just like to abbreviate names, or make up a nickname – is one of the largest players in machinery for agriculture and horticulture. In pot planting machines, it is even the market leader worldwide. The company’s new home at the Noordwijkerhout Bulb Trade Park was inaugurated this month. A stone’s throw from where it began sixty years ago.

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Leidsch Dagblad – Tuesday, Jan. 23, 2018