‘Potting machine pioneer’ Javo joins industry association AVAG

Javo also joins the group of horticultural suppliers that are members of AVAG. The Noordwijkerhout-based company is primarily a well-known name in potting machines worldwide. Meanwhile, the delivery program is much more wide-ranging, including tray automation, transport systems and robotic systems. The machines find their way to more than sixty different countries. Cindy van Nobelen, Javo’s Marketing Manager: ‘By working together within AVAG, we can strengthen the Netherlands’ leading position as a horticultural country.’

Javo is part of the Nobels Group, a family business in Noordwijkerhout with 120 employees The group also includes the brands Nobels, Javo International and Agro Techniek. Innovation, engineering and production all take place in-house.

The straightforward potting machine that first saw the light of day in the late 1960s has evolved a great deal technologically. Cindy: ‘Although it remains largely mechanical machines. We do work more and more with advanced operating systems, so that we can link our machines to other systems at the grower. The robotization is mainly found in the internal logistics, for example to widen plants and in delivery systems.’

Third generation

Meanwhile, the third generation of Van Nobelen has joined the company, consisting of three sisters: Cindy, Patricia (Executive Assistant) and Chantal (Quality Manager). Together with Koos de Vink (CEO) and Ber van Nobelen, the shares have been divided into five equal parts. Together, Koos and Ber form the board, while the three daughters are given every freedom to develop further in the company.

Worldwide dealer network

From Noordwijkerhout, much of the production goes all over the world. In the United States, Javo has its own facility in Atlanta. In other important horticultural markets Javo partners with dealers. Cindy: ‘We have focused on expanding the dealer network. We are actively investing in this, including support at trade fairs and training of sales and service staff. In this way we can ensure that we are represented locally in more countries.’

AVAG: ‘Learning from each other’

By joining AVAG, Javo wants to stimulate cooperation within Dutch horticulture. ‘Surely we see the Netherlands as the leading horticultural nation in the world. By cooperating more with each other, we can maintain that leading position and even improve it.’ Her expectations of AVAG membership? ‘By bringing together companies in the same industry, you learn from each other. You hear what the obstacles are at other companies and how they deal with them. And apart from the enormous network you build through membership, I expect that the project groups and working groups can also be very interesting. You get a better idea of what is going on in the market and how others are working on new developments. We are happy to contribute to this.’

About AVAG

In over 60 years, AVAG has grown from an association for greenhouse builders to a platform for companies operating internationally in greenhouse horticulture. They can count on AVAG for support in the areas of innovations, quality, internationalization and labor market. AVAG is the initiator of HortiQ, the independent and objective quality system for greenhouse builders, installation companies and other suppliers to greenhouse horticulture.