Third generation Van Nobelen takes place in family business

From one to five shareholders

On Oct. 20, Ber van Nobelen announced that he is making way for the third generation of Van Nobelen. In the process, the shares are divided into five equal parts. Together with current CEO Koos de Vink, Ber van Nobelen forms the board, while his three daughters Cindy, Patricia and Chantal will continue to develop in the company in the coming years. The new generation has new plans but cherishes the status of a family business where the focus is on caring for its employees, customer-specific solutions and ensuring long-term continuity.

Nobels Group was founded in 1955 by Arnold van Nobelen and was eventually acquired by his son Ber van Nobelen in 2007. Anno 2022, Nobels Group includes the brands: Nobels, Javo, Javo International and Agro Techniek. With this, it serves the agriculture and horticulture sector worldwide with a variety of automation solutions to work more efficiently and safely with further improvement in quality.

Time for the new generation

In 2017, Koos de Vink joined Ber as Managing Director. In a short time, a solid cooperation with 100% trust in each other emerged. For a few years, Ber’s three daughters have also been working in the business. Not mandatory, but because they had a razor-sharp grasp of the company’s exceptional opportunities for all employees.

Based on quality and personal preference, Cindy fills the position of Marketing Manager, Chantal recently became the new Quality Manager while Patricia works with De Vink as Executive Assistant. “Extraordinary how this has run like ‘naturally’ and the three ladies complement each other seamlessly” indicates Koos de Vink. “For Ber the optimal time to step down from the company,” he said.

Role distribution

The shares are divided equally between Ber, Koos and the three daughters. Thereby, Koos de Vink and Ber van Nobelen form the management while the three daughters get all the space – without any imposed goal or threshold – to develop further in the company.

Cindy: “We will continuously position the company with an eye to the future. And I’m not just talking about technical quality but also respect, pride and enjoyment in work. The most important thing is that we are and remain a family business with all the advantages that go with it. We do not focus on short-term profits, but rather on ensuring the long-term continuity of the company.

That also means investing to the maximum in our people. Everyone here has every space and opportunity to develop, and that naturally translates into innovative ability and the ambition to make every assignment a success. Moreover, in an excellent working atmosphere where even interns and beginners can immediately get the most out of themselves.”


The new “team” is ready for the future. With a very optimal combination of age, experience, competencies and interests, he is also able to further strengthen the innovative power and growth potential of the company.