Javo Easytopper

The Easytopper delivers a cover layer to the top of the pot to prevent weed development and retain moisture – saving money for nurseries and greenhouses. The Easytopper is suitable for round or square pots and pot sizes can be changed quickly and easily with a single adjustment.

The machine sprinkles a covering layer (bark) on the top of the pot to prevent the growth of moss or weeds. The Easytopper is suitable for round and square pots and can be quickly converted to other pot sizes via a simple adjustment.

Accurate and quick protection against weeds and moss

This machine spreads a covering layer of your choice over the top of the pot and underneath the plant to counteract the growth of weeds and moss. The perfect feed setting is set in a flash. The adjustable speed feed system means the top layer can be adjusted to suit your requirements.

There is a very easy setting to switch the Javo Easytopper to a different pot size.

How does the machine work?

The tested feed system guarantees an even and quick feed.

The dosing plate, combined with the belt in the machine’s bunker ensures quick and easy adjustment.

An easily adjustable slide plate accurately spreads the spreading material on the pot. Round pots are rotated to distribute the material evenly everywhere underneath the plant.

Prior to exiting the machine the pot is levelled-off and the excess material is fed back. This ensures clean surroundings and also saves costs.