Javo Ecobasic

Discover the most compact potting machine with a round potting track. The Javo Ecobasic is suitable for pots from 8 to 21cm and optionally even from 5.5cm. Supplied complete as standard and highly mobile. Because of its simple and central adjustment options, the Javo Ecobasic is the ideal machine for working with different pot sizes.

This small, strong potting machine is a workhorse suitable for pots from 8-21cm. The fast, easy central adjustment allows for quick, perfect changes between pot sizes. The Ecobasic is technically advanced and extremely mobile, allowing for easy relocation.

Small in size, yet complete

The Javo Ecobasic is a compact potting machine. Potting is done on the conveyor belt, which can be positioned to the left, right or as an extension of the machine. This makes this potting machine flexible and widely applicable. The Javo Ecobasic processes 1,320 – 2,700 pots per hour* and comes standard including:

  • Mechanical pot dispenser
  • Mechanical pot discharge with simple operation
  • Easily adjustable drilling unit
  • Speed-adjustable drain belt with vario (3m x 150mm), including adjustable support
  • 4 casters, including 2 swivel casters with brakes