Javo Standard 2.0

The soil supply can be arranged very precisely and is fully adjustable to suit your needs, via the two stainless steel soil chutes. You also do not need to worry about the correct tension of the pot track chain, because it is automatically tensioned.

A mature, fully optimized potting machine, suitable for nearly all pots from 5.5 up to 25 cm. Because of the unique drive technique, the pots move calmly and steady on the pot track and the stop time of the pot is extended, which gives peace in the work process.

The standard for modern and efficient potting

The well-known potting machine comes with more than adequate working space around the pot track. The control panel is positioned at eye level and within reach for all working positions. The widened soil elevator is equipped with rubber belts and stainless steel elevator blades, which make the Javo Standard 2.0 quiet and extremely low-maintenance.