Javo Toploader

For over 10 years a unique solution for buffering and processing loose substrate, wood chips and other (waste) bulk material. A fork combined with a patented scraping system guarantees excellent operation and minimal maintenance costs.
Patent: EU 882390

Learn more about the Javo Toploader for biomass and industrial use atwww.javointernational.com.

How the machine works

The patented dragging technology brings the substrate to a discharge conveyor. The fork is automatically and accurately transported back and forth.

The smooth side walls on the machine ensure that no substrate remains in the bunker. The bunker can be filled very efficiently, due to the possibility of fork pass-through outside the bunker. Minimal loss of storage capacity over bulk material.

All movements are accurately PLC controlled and feature electronic speed control. By mounting the switchgear on the fork, all cables can be neatly concealed.

This system is flexible in that it can be mounted in an existing or a new construction. The Javo Toploader is custom built within standard dimensions and can be equipped with various options.