Javo Plus M2.0
Potting machines

Javo’s most advanced machine, the Plus M 2.0 is suitable for 10-32 cm (12 liter) pots. A versatile workhorse, this machine can fill and drill for potted plants, is a champion with bare root stock and large enough to handle a variety of greenhouse and nursery challenges. Like the other members of the Plus family, the Plus M 2.0 uses a fast, easy central adjustment for quick changes between pot sizes, saving time and money.

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Javo occasions

Javo offers a wide selection of used machines. Because Javo has offered sustainability and standardized products for many years, all spare parts are available. Besides that, it is easy to combine with the newest techniques.

Javo machines & systems

Javo is the specialist and market leader in potting machines, tray automation and soil handling systems. Worldwide, Javo supports the horticultural industry in the automation of the production process.

Javo Easytopper
Potting machines

The Easytopper delivers a cover layer to the top of the pot to prevent weed development and retain moisture – saving money for nurseries and greenhouses. The Easytopper is suitable for round or square pots and pot sizes can be changed quickly and easily with a single adjustment.

Javo Shower
Tray automation

The Javo Shower provides optimal moisturizing of trays or pots by means of a well-balanced spraying and conveying technique. Completely assembled from stainless steel.

Javo JOR
Transport systems

A standardized solution to move pots and trays quickly and efficiently to a buffer conveyor. A touch screen leads you to a menu of choices customized to your needs.

Javo JAR
Transport systems

Combined with a Javo Buffer, this unique and patented take-off system easily moves round pots from the buffer belt to the take-off belt. The take-off motion has an electric speed control and is both quiet and durable.

Javo Buffer
Transport systems

Buffering and sorting of potted plants and trays is easy and flawless with the Javo Buffer. Each buffer belt is custom-built to match the length, width and capacity requirements of your operation. Our customers choose for the Javo Buffer, because of its reliability and sustainability and the belts are suitable for several purposes.

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