Robot systems

Machines and modules that can add just that little extra to your automation.

... to reach the ultimate production and lower your labor costs. 

By listening to our customers and cooperating with them, Javo has manufactured several custom built machines over the years. This has resulted in several machines, now built in series, which are successfully in use at several locations.

Using Javo machines and Javo control techniques, the system is simple to use. Javo guarantees a problem-free integration with possible other suppliers. Through the Horti Data Communication (HDC) covenant, of which JAVO is a part, standard protocols are used.

Javo is working hard on more and new developments so that in the future this category will be extended with many more technical ingenuities.

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Javo Swing

An universal placing and pick up robot, suitable for virtually any operation.

Javo Linea Recta

Javo adds the “Linea-Recta” to the two existing types of robots. The conventional robot has been produced for over 20-years and the Javo “Compact” was introduced in 2006.


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