Substrate handling

Several solutions for the supply of substrate.

For the supply of soil and other substrate, we offer several systems with many choices and possibilities: a Javo substrate system will be the perfect solution. 

Using Javo machines and Javo control techniques, the system is simple to use. We guarantee an easy integration with other possible suppliers. 

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Javo Big Bale

An electrically driven tilting system, suitable for a smooth tilting of substrate from a big bale. Its automatic dispensing system delivers the substrate efficiently and worry-free. This machine is suitable for all standard big bales.

Javo Big Filler

The Javo Big Filler offers a lot of flexibility wherever substrate needs to be elevated and distributed evenly and exactly. The standard mobile design is suitable for virtually all different kinds of substrate.

Javo Big Belt

With this belt bunker Javo offers the solution for accurate distribution of several substrates. The capacity of the bunker goes up to 90 cubic yards and offers the solution for large quantity users.

Javo Toploader

For over 10 years, the solution for storage and distribution of loose substrate, wood chips and (waste) bulk material. A fork, combined with a patented scraping/elevating system, guarantee proper operation and low maintenance.

Javo Mixer

The Javo Mixer offers the possibility to quickly and accurately mix a small amount of substrate. Well mixed in supplements deliver better growing result.


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