Transport systems

The automated solution to move pots and trays.

Javo transport systems are composed from several standard products. The design layout and functions are made to customer specifications. Javo supplies and installs the entire system. Everything remains very flexible and can be combined with different systems.

Because of the 30-some machines, Javo has the ability to offer a customer oriented composition while using proven standard techniques. The layout completely depends on the customers' preferences.

All machines are tested before delivery and the systems are installed by our own knowledgeable Javo technicians. Besides the Javo service, we also have our own dealers for technical support.

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Javo PPU 2.0

The completely redesigned Javo PPU 2.0 offers the solution for automatic placing of round and square pots onto transport wagons. The unique movement of the Javo PPU 2.0 ensures that the pots will always be placed upright on the transport wagon.

Javo Buffer

Buffering and sorting of potted plants and trays is easy and flawless with the Javo Buffer. Each buffer belt is custom-built to match the length, width and capacity requirements of your operation. Our customers choose for the Javo Buffer, because of its reliability and sustainability and the belts are suitable for several purposes.

Javo JAR

Combined with a Javo Buffer, this unique and patented take-off system easily moves round pots from the buffer belt to the take-off belt. The take-off motion has an electric speed control and is both quiet and durable.

Javo JOR

A standardized solution to move pots and trays quickly and efficiently to a buffer conveyor. A touch screen leads you to a menu of choices customized to your needs.

Javo Conveyor Belts

Javo has been producing conveyor belts for 40-years and has different models and several widths in stock.

Javo Main Conveyor

A customer specific conveyor belt, specially designed for bridging long distances.

Javo Sorting System

In combination with balanced software, the conveyor belt will be used as a plant buffer system. Sorting by height and/or colour creates a fast and efficient delivery process. A large variety of dimensions and customer specifications are possible.


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