Pligt Professionals

Greenhouse farming is increasingly becoming a full-fledged industry. High-quality machinery, innovative partners and reliable suppliers are essential for this. Pligt Professionals, potted plant grower of potted roses and Gentiana, among others, therefore chose the new location in ‘s Gravenzande to shape the automation together with Javo. The result is a fleet of virtually unmanned machines, with high operating reliability and low maintenance costs.

To meet the increasing demand for their products, Pligt Professionals has built a 29,000 m2 state-of-the-art greenhouse with a 9,000 m2 warehouse in ‘s Gravenzande. The potted plant grower has long been a regular customer of Javo, with several machines at its other two locations. A complete automated potting line, including transport, and robotic systems from Javo was also chosen for the new location.

“We consider reliable suppliers and lasting relationships extremely important. Basic is of course a machine park for which the same applies. Javo has been a supplier to Pligt Professionals for generations,” said Gert van der Pligt (Managing Director Pligt Professionals). New techniques and innovations have been implemented at the new facility, making the machinery one of the most reliable in greenhouse farming.

“Pligt Professionals’ project is a great example of a complete line of Javo machines. The setup is tailor-made for Pligt Professionals, offers numerous possibilities and is flexible with connections to other systems,” explains Jesse Groen (Manager Sales Javo).